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Monday May 7th, 2007:

Hey Guys. I'm back with some news and info after over a month. I know, please forgive me for that, just been swamped with school and other stuff! Anyway, first things first. My band Audible Dreams did pass the audition on April 8th, 2007 for NetIP's (Network of Indian Professionals) event known as, Tarana 2007!!! We will be playing June 2nd, 2007, as the sole rock band in that event! Thank you for your love and support! Pictures from the audition are posted in My Pictures section. I will be posting the ticket information and the details about the event very soon, so keep your eyes opened and thanks in advance for being there :)! Furthmore, I must apologize that my material, such as, "Kaise" would be further delayed as I have to concentrate on getting the band stuff out there. So please bear with me and thank you for your support! In addition to that, I want to thank those of you who come to my website from all over the world and take your time to write me some feedback. I ALWAYS appreciate that love and motivation so please keep that up :)! So again, keep checking back for the updates on the concert. Finally, for those of you who are on the Facebook network... please feel free to become friends with me and join the groups about Audible Dreams and etc. The link for Facebook is located on the left side along with the navigational buttons, be sure to check it out :)! Until next time... keep rockin' \m/!

- Faraz.

Monday April 2nd, 2007:

Hello Everyone. This is going to be a quick one. Basically, I just want to, sort of, inform and apologize to you guys about some stuff. Mainly, its the song update that I promised and that song was, "Kaise." The good news is that the lyrics and the basic composition of the song is done, and it primarily needs to be recorded. The bad news is that there might be a significant wait time involved in it. This extended time frame is caused due to my pre-occupations with school and my band. For the past weeks we have been auditioning to play at different venues and hopefully have a mini-tour for the summer. In addition to that, my band, Audible Dreams also has a few deadlines to meet as far as the recording and the production of our songs go. We have been in and out of the studios and working hard at home. So, bottomline, please bear with me as I get this stuff done. I'm actually thinking of working on this english song after a long time as well. I want to thank you guys who visit my site from all over the world, thank you so much! Again, my apologies, but your support is needed and appreciated. Until next time, my friends, take care!

- Faraz.

Wednesday March 7th, 2007:

:: UPDATE :: As promised, friends, I bring you the second update in the chain of updates that I promised. If you head over to the My Pictures section, you will see that a lot of new pictures have been added there including a BRAND NEW album. This photo album is just funny as hell so be sure to check it out ;), its from the "crazy" moments I had in New York and of course a little concert that I did there. Some format and interface have also occured in that section. Another piece of NEWS that I have for you guys in that on March 25th, 2007 my band Audible Dreams is auditioning to play in this major event in the summer, here in Philly. So please, your support and prayers are needed. As for the song, "Kaise" please hang on tight, it might just take longer than expected, but hopefully it should be worth it, I can almost promise that :). So thank you again for dropping by and for your support, stay tuned for some good stuff on the way. Please keep your feedback coming and of course, your visits to my site :). Thank you all for your love and support! Until next time... later days my friends :).

- Faraz.

Friday March 2nd, 2007:

:: UPDATE :: Greetings folks! Faraz here with the year 2007s FIRST update. I know, I know... its been ages since I have updated my page, but don't worry, today I have a great update and some good stuff on the way. Let's start with today's addition. I bring you a BRAND NEW POEM called, "Martyr." Please click here to read it OR go to My Poetry section on your left and look for, "Martyr." Please sure to read its disclaimer though. Aside from that, please stick around with me as I bring you a few more great updates over the next few days and weeks, including some great pictures from my New York concert and some really funny pictures... LOL, be prepared to laugh :). Aside from that, I might be able to bring you a brand new song as well. Yeah, that's right, a SONG after a long time. If you are wondering its title, then its most likely going to be called, "Kaise" which means, "how" in English. So stay tuned for that, hopefully you're going to like the tune. Aside from that, my band is currently recording their drums, bass, and vocal parts for our brand new song called, "Riha" which means "freedom" or to be freed. Check out the Audible Dreams website for that track by clicking here. So, once again, sorry about the huge hiatus, but bear with me. I'm thankful to ones who are loyal to me and visit me from all over the world and your kind words, thank you :)! Take care people, until next time (very soon :D), Bye!

- Faraz.

Monday September 4th, 2006:

Hey Everyone, me again. Quick update, rather an anouncement of an error. Basically, in my last writing update, I was supposed to list two pieces of text that were there to support my Blog and voice my feelings a little better. I named them, but I forgot to provide the actual text. I'm sorry about the mistake, but please go and check it out in my last entry in the My Poetry section. They are actually lyrics of I Alone by Live and Cochise by Audioslave. Once again, I apologize, be sure to check it out though. Take care!

- Faraz.

Sunday September 3rd, 2006:

BIG UPDATES!!! Hey Everyone!!! Sorry for the delay in the updates, but here I'm with a few words to add. First, BRAND NEW Pictures added!!! Either go to My Pictures or click HERE to go to the album! Go to My Poetry to check out the new surprising text ;), let me know if you guys like that :). Lastly, I just wanted to let everyone know that my band, Audible Dreams participated in a project called, Dobara Awaz Do, which is a musical project based in Dubai to help out the Earthquake victms in Pakistan, last year. AD has submitted their track called, "Dobara Awaz Do" and now with your prayers and our good intentions, we hope to end up on the Dubai radio and a CD with bands like Mizraab and Karvaan on it. All the proceeds will benefit the victims! Stay tuned for our official release and then please support us and the victims by hearing the track and forwarding it, thank you! That does it for today, please check back for updates. Thanks for looking!

- Faraz.

Thursday July 13th, 2006:

NEW POEM ADDED! Hope everyone is well. I just want to offer a small update. Its my latest poem, The Gift. Check it out in My Poetry section. You can give me some feedback if you give a damn. Take care and as always, thanks for looking!

- Faraz.

Monday June 19th, 2006:

BRAND NEW SECTION ADDED!!! Hello people, Faraz here again with another HUGE update :P. As part of me making up for the delayed updates, I have added a BRAND NEW section of My Poetry to my website. Its a whole new section with some pieces of text that I wrote in the past few months. Please take a moment and read them, HERE. ANY feedback with be SUPER appreciated! Feedback can include questions, comments, or suggestions. So please take a moment and look at the My Poetry section, as it took me sometime to put that stuff. Thank you so much for your time, will look forward to your feedback. Thank you SO MUCH!

- Faraz.

Sunday June 18th, 2006:

NYU PICTURES ADDED!!! Hey guys :). An update after a LONG TIME! I know, I apologize for that, I was caught in the middle of my life and it broken pieces, but hey, I will make it upto you with this HUGE update of NYU Pictures!!! Please click HERE to view them, or go to My Pictures page and look for the link to the album at the TOP of the page! Thank you for your patience, feedback will be deeply appreciated, as usual :). Take care, until next time, this is Faraz signing out :P!

Tuesday March 7th, 2006:

Hello Everyone! Quick update for today.... NEW PICTURES ADDED in the My Pictures section. Check em out :). Still waiting for me to get a hold of the NYU pictures, stay tuned, will load them as soon as I get them. Thanks for visiting :). Peace.

Friday March 3rd, 2006:

SECOND UPDATE!!! ::: AUDIBLE DREAMS CONCERT VIDEOS ::: Hello again Folks! I come back with the second update of today. I give you the performance clips of my band Audible Dreams! Special thanks to Mohammad Owais AKA Mozi (Drums) for the uploading and the filming of the clips. Thanks Mozi :D! The videos could be downloaded from the following links:

Set 1: http://www.planetunreal.com /cbp/team/MozI/set1.ZIP

Set 2: http://www.planetunreal.com /cbp/team/MozI/set2.ZIP

- Faraz.

Friday March 3rd, 2006:

NEW PICTURES ADDED!!!: Rock on people, as promised, I bring you our concert pictures from the January 21st gig! The new pictures could be found in My Pictures section of the website, please scroll all the way down to view the pictures, in question. Soon, I will also be adding our gig pictures from NYU, so stay tuned for that. Once again, the pictures could be found on your left hand side, if you click My Pictures, or click HERE to view them, they are at the END of the page. Special thanks to Fahad Azam (Bass) and Mohammand Owais AKA Mozi (Drums) for some of the images. Thanks for looking, stay tuned for the updates :). Rock on!

Friday January 13th, 2006:

NEW SONG ADDED: Hey Guys. I just added a new song today in My Songs section. It's an urdu ballad that I MIGHT be singing on my band's upcoming gig on the 21st of January. It is also a very exclusive tribute to a very special friend of mine :P. The song is called, "Piya," and it could be downloaded from the My Songs section. Happy listening and any feedback will be appreciated :D. Thank you!

Wednesday January 4th, 2006:

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everybody :D! May everyone have a great year in 2006! Let's kick of this year with my new offering to the world. I bring you the "AXE FACTOR" an interview conducted by myself, Faraz Ahmad and Khurram Owais Shah from Islamabad of the number ONE guitarist of Pakistan, Faraz Anwar. Please read the interview HERE. All copyrights are reserved by Mizraabianz.com. Enjoy, and a very happy new year to you once again!

Tuesday December 13th, 2005:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to Ms. NIDA HAQUE for being the FIRST one to discover the treasure on this site :D! Nida worked hard to find this treasure as she kept up with the emails to gather the hints to finding the treasure. It didn't take much on her part to find the treasure, as she was able to find the treasure, within hours after the announcement! SORRY for the LATE UPDATE :$. Once again, congratulations Ms. Nida Haque! Please don't tell others where the treasure is and let's see if anyone else is able to find it ;). Once again, a very good job!

Saturday December 10th, 2005:

!:!:!:!:!:!: TREASURE ALERT! :!:!:!:!:!:!:

Hey once again, folks. I want to announce that I have hidden some secret content in my site. No, no, get your minds out of the gutter, its not porno :P! LOL, its not that much of a treasure either, I mean, you won't get anything from it. Its just for kicks, I guess. If you really cannot find it, and need hints, feel free to drop me a line. Happy hunting! :-).

Saturday December 10th, 2005:

Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by again. I bring you some updates on the site. Actually, they are all in the My Pictures section. Please check em' out! Also, if you look at the bottom of each page, you will see that I have added a counter, yes, that's right, I will know if someone is even coming to this site, LOL! I have also fixed my form, according to my new song addition of "Na Kaho," located in the My Songs section. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and enjoy your stay! Good bye.

Tuesday November 15th, 2005:

:: Power Point Presentation for the CIS 55 :: Please download the .ppt file of my Power Point Presentation for the CIS-55, due November 16th, 2005, by clicking HERE.

Monday October 31st 2005:

:: NEW Song Added!!! :: Please download "Na Kaho" from My Songs section. Thank you!

Friday October 24th 2005:

:: ARTICLE REVIEW :: NOTE: Ms. Nichols, read my ARTICLE REVIEW assignment HERE. Thank you!

Thursday October 20th, 2005:

Excel HOMEWORK: Please download the web version of my Excel HOMEWORK for Lab 7, HERE. Also, you can download the .XLS version of the file HERE. Thank you.

Saturday October 15th, 2005:

Be sure to listen to my favorite band, "Dream Theater." They are truly the most talented musicians who ever played. Check them out at HERE.

Friday October 14th 2005:

Here are some of the interesting links for the gear I use to make my music:

:: My Guitar (Jackson DK2L) :: Jackson Guitars USA

:: My Amplifier (Behringer LX210) :: Behringer

:: My Cables (DiMarzio braided cable) :: DiMarzio

Saturday October 8th 2005:

Welcome to my Webpage. My name is Faraz Ahmad and this is my webpage as part of the CIS-55 class. Hope you like it and please be sure to listen to my songs :). Enjoy!

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